Fed only Bio


The first breed is ROSS 308, classic white petty birds, the breed that grows in the stables until slaughtered. The second breed is the traditional red-tailed and yellow race, growing slowly from 70 to 100 days, bringing high quality meat with more taste.

Turkey Chickens

Another type of breed is the turkey chicken, traditionally present in our table at the end of the year, The growth is done according to Albanian tradition and the chicken grow free with specific natural food in the fields.

Constant Control

Erogert chicken grow in computer-controlled environments equipped with the latest Italian technology, at ideal temperature, humidity and aspiration.

Chickens Food

We choose high quality food for chickens that grow in Erogert, in the same quality that EU countries use, for corn, maize, soybean and vitamins. The company is focused on bio food and does not use supplements, allowing natural growth of poultry, gradually without stimulants.

Erogert Slaughterhouse

Slaughter is completely automated with Italian technology, guaranteeing maximum hygiene and good cleaning through the machinery.

Quality is Health