Quality means Health

Who We Are?

Erogert Ltd is an Albanian company working in the field of chickens breeding, slaughter, packing and distribution of poultry meat, grown in this poultry.

Our Story

Erogert Ltd has Its beginnings since 2005. The company has competed in the market with the quality and taste of naturally grown chicken only with Bio foods by creating a wide market and a good reputation for its name and its products, otherwise known as the radostine (our location) chickens.


Our goal is to bring to the consumer the best quality and guaranteed healthy meat foods. We choose high quality food for birds that grow in Erogert, in the same quality that EU countries use for corn, maize, soybean and vitamins. The company is focused on bio food and does not use supplements, allowing natural growth of poultry, gradually without stimulants. This enables us to offer the best chicken meat on the market.